Dr. Mohamed Yahia received his master degree (M.Sc.) specialized in materials chemistry (July 2011) with thesis entitled “Development of sensor devices based on carbon matrices modified with different types of nanomaterials” from Faculty of Science, University of Cadiz (UCA) (Spain). He obtained the doctoral degree under the frame of EUDIME Program (European doctoral in membrane science and Engineering) from the institute European des membranes, University of Montpellier (IEM-UM), France (Dec 2015). During the doctoral thesis Dr. Mohamed Yahia carried a research cooperation between IEM institute (France), University Nova de Lisbon (FCT-UNL, Portugal, and Institute on membrane technology, University of Calabria (ITM-UNICAL, Italy. The research thesis entitled “(Bio)Molecular control of selective ion transport, gas separation and catalytic enzyme-based reactions using functionalized membranes”. The doctoral research work included the preparation of polymeric and nanocomposite membranes for environmental application (water purification and gas separation), in additional too the biofunctionalization of polymeric membranes for biological application. He published and submitted more than 30 papers in international Journals, 3 Book chapter, 20 conferences and he got one of the top international doctoral thesis prize, 2016 (Faculty of chemistry, University of Montpellier (UM-France).

After accomplishing his Ph.D., he promoted as a teacher and scientific researcher at the Department of chemistry, Faulty of Science, Helwan University (Egypt) (2016). He carried out scientific research visiting to the following institutes: University of Pavia (UNIPV- Italy) (6 months, 2017), University of Cadiz (UCA- Spain) (6 months, 2017), and School of Science and Technology, VISTEC Institute- Thailand) (6 months, 2018). Then he moved to Stockholm University (SU- Sweden) as a postdoctoral fellowship in materials chemistry (1Year, 2018-2019). Since October 2019, he moved to Umea University (Umu) to do research in Nordic Membrane Laboratory and his research focus on development and fabrication of new polymeric membranes and explored the relationships between membrane structure and its performance for interested applications.


  • Dynamic constitutional polymeric materials for self-instructed membranes.
  • Synthesis, characterization of nanoparticles, polymeric, and nanocomposite materials for different applications (Water treatment and desalination, Gas separation, Energy production, and Biological applications).
  • Polymeric, cellulosic, nanocomposite, and mixed matrix membranes for gas separation application.
  • Supported ionic liquid membranes (SILMs) for membrane separation application.
  • Biocatalytic membrane reactor (BMR) for membrane separation application (Gas separation and wastewater treatment).
  • (Bio)Molecular control of selective ion transport, gas separation and catalytic enzyme-based reactions using functionalized membranes.
  • Membrane preparation, modification, and characterization for Environmental, Industrial and biological applications.
  • Porous, polymeric, and carbon materials for advanced applications.
  • Poly(ionic liquid)s and ionic liquids solvents applications.
  • 3D printing technology for membrane materials.